MasterChef fans annoyed by 'boring' and 'long' auction challenge

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MasterChef fans were left a little ‘bored’ and ‘annoyed’ after Thursday night’s episode featured a challenge that took a very long time to get to the exciting part - cooking.

The ingredient auction challenge, which was lead by guest chef Curtis Stone, had MasterChef contestants Callum Hann, Jessica Liemantara, Sarah Tiong and Laura Sharrad bidding for ingredients, but viewers were left miffed when over 20 minutes into the show no one had yet started cooking.

Four contestants participated in the auction challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

Many dubbed the auction “too long” and “boring”, taking to Twitter to share their frustration.

“We’re really going to sit through this countdown auction for every individual ingredient?” one person asked.

“Snore. 25 mins in and no cooking,” another said.          

And a third agreed: “I'm getting a teeeny bit bored.... it's 20mins into show and no one has started cooking yet..... it's going to be a long night.”                                                                                            

Some viewers, however, actually said they loved the challenge.

“They should do it more,” was one tweet.

“Auction day is one of my favourites! The thrill is such a great mood booster,” another agreed.

By the end of the challenge, dessert queen Jessica Liemantara won immunity.

MasterChef Australia continues on Channel 10 on Sunday.

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