MasterChef's Conor reveals the judge that shocked him the most on set

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MasterChef viewers were shocked to see fan favourite Conor Curran leave the show on Sunday night after failing to impress the judges with olive ice cream.

Connor plated up a semolina orange cake with the Sicilian green olive ice cream and landed in the bottom two alongside Amir Manoly. 

MasterChef's Conor
MasterChef's Conor went home on Sunday night after failing to impress the judges with his olive ice cream. Photo: Ten

The chef was gracious as he left the show, telling Yahoo Lifestyle he was "exhausted" by the time he left the show and thought the judges were correct to send him home.

"I was so behind in my cooking experience and I felt like I was trying to catch up the whole time," he said. 

"And by the time I got to that cook, I was just exhausted. I think I cooked the most out of everyone there you see me on TV a fair bit you know I was cooking in eliminations, in pressure tests, in immunity cooks. And it's hard, it's hard when you're cooking a lot."


He continued, saying that while he went home, he doesn't regret a thing, "[The judges] judge on the food that day. And I said I was gonna master ice cream for them and I didn't, you know, and that's what it comes down to and I have no regrets I still love that dish and I've recreated it and it's delicious. I just didn't get my execution correct on the day and that it really comes down to that."

"It's one of those things where I rushed the ice cream and that was my fault. And you know you do stupid things in that kitchen, at home I would never have done it, you know. Sometimes it works, like the black olive and sometimes it doesn't."

Masterchef judges andy allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo
Following his MasterChef elimination, Conor has revealed which of the judges shocked him most on the show. Photo: Ten

Speaking of the moment Jock Zonfrillo told him he was being eliminated, Conor joked, "You saw on my face, I was like, 'Yes, correct. You guys have judged very fairly and correctly but today I wish you hadn't."

"I was humbled to be there. And it wasn't a sad moment, it felt like my progression from that first cook to when I left, I really became a cook that was capable and deserved to be there that was the highlight for me."

Conor also revealed Jock shocked him the most during his time on the show.

"I think I was shocked by Jock the most. I initially thought he hated me," he explained, adding, "Yeah, I was shocked by him because of his passion and intensity, which I learned was the way that he shows love to people that he really cared about and I was lucky enough to be one of those people."

Jock Zonfrillo on masterchef
Conor said he believed Jock didn't like him at first. Photo: Ten

Conor added Melissa Leong and Andy Allen also surprised him, also for a very sweet reason, "I was shocked by the, the level of professionalism, and the amount they cared. Each of them have their very different ways of approaching things, and collectively they work really well as a unit."

Speaking about the toughest part of the show, Conor revealed one thing that made the show very difficult for him.

"My high functioning anxiety, that was hard to cook with for sure in a time crunch. When I'm high I'm really on and then I become very tired on the other side of high functioning anxiety. So you know I was really proud to go on with a mental illness that isn't spoken about often and succeed despite having it."

He added he was "beyond humbled" by the fan reaction he's received and the "incredible amounts of positivity and happiness" that has been sent his way.

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