MasterChef star's big announcement after shock exit from show

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

He disappeared from MasterChef Australia last night in a cloud of confusion, after contestants were told Ben Ungermann had to leave the competition due to personal reasons. 

Channel 10 previously confirmed the chef had actually left the show following a police matter, saying: “We can confirm Ben Ungermann has left the MasterChef Australia competition. As this is a police matter, we will not be making further comment.”

Ben Ungermann has a new gig following his shock departure from MasterChef. Photo: Instagram/Ben Ungermann

And now it’s been revealed that the Back To Win contestant has well and truly moved on, making an exciting announcement on his Instagram page last night, just as the episode went to air. 

Ben has joined one of Brisbane’s luxury country retreats, Woodland of Marburg, as their gourmet chef. 

“Woodlands of Marburg is proud to introduce new Gourmet Chef Ben Ungermann to the Woodlands family. Many new exciting adventures ahead…,” the heritage-listed resort posted to their Instagram page, alongside a photo of Ben looking delighted standing out the front of the building. 

Ben is the new gourmet chef at Woodland of Marburg. Photo: Instagram/ Woodland of Marburg

Ben has created an Indonesian menu for Tommy Smith Cafe in Woodlands, alongside the tagline, ‘Eat Like A MasterChef’. 

It includes some of his signature dishes, such as Gulai Kambing, Sambal Goreng Udang and Nasi Goreng. 

Last night, the remaining MasterChef contestants looked visibly shocked when judge Jock Zonfrillo made the announcement that Ben wouldn’t be returning to the competition. 

Jock made the shocking announcement to the other contestant on MasterChef last night. Photo: Channel 10

“So, before we get to today's challenge, we've got some news. You're probably wondering where Ben is, yeah?,” he said. 

“Due to a personal matter, Ben has had to leave the competition and he will not be returning.”

The rest of the episode continued on without another mention of Ben as they finished off the last of ‘Twist Week’.

It was time for Hayden to wave goodbye to the competition last night. Photo: Channel 10

The twist for round one saw the contestants cooking head-to-head with the person standing beside them.

For round two, the contestants were presented with five classic flavour pairings, and they could choose whichever one they wanted to make their next dish.

Hayden decided he was going to cook beef rolls on the hibachi, to dip into a thick beetroot and horseradish sauce.

Unfortunately, the flavour pairings weren’t up to scratch and he was sent home.  

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