Martin Lewis shares race hate experience after watching Baddiel's 'Jews Don't Count'

Martin Lewis r
Martin Lewis revealed he was abused on a train for saying he was Jewish. (ITV)

Martin Lewis has shared a personal experience of antisemitic abuse on a train and how upset he was when those around him turned a blind eye.

The Good Morning Britain host and financial journalist was moved to recount the event after watching David Baddiel's new Channel 4 documentary Jews Don’t Count, recalling how he stood up to football fans mocking the Holocaust.

Lewis said: "Watching @Baddiel Jews Don't Count. Remembering sitting on a train in about 03 with a group the other side of the carriage, on their way to football doing gas chamber songs. I asked em to stop, most did & were embarrassed.

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David Baddiel looks at antisemitism in his documentary. (Channel 4)
David Baddiel looks at antisemitism in his documentary Jews Don't Count. (Channel 4)

"One came up, asked me if I was 'a f***ing y*d' poking me in the forehead hard with each word. I was petrified but said yes. He then called me names & eventually walked away.

"What upset me most was no one near, not even the man reading the medical textbook would make eye contact after, as if I'd been the one in the wrong... He was opposite me, he could've given me a supportive glance after I'd been assaulted without anyone seeing but he didn't."

The TV presenter has previously revealed that he was given an antisemitic nickname at school.

He told BBC’s Political Thinking: “My nickname at school was ‘Jew’. There were two Jews in the year and my nickname was ‘Jew’. And it had originally had been ‘Jewy Lewy’ or something warmer, but it was shortened.”

Lewis added: “As I always say, I’m the Money Saving Expert and I'm Jewish – I’m not the Money Saving Expert because I'm Jewish.”

Martin Lewis Money Show Live
Martin Lewis said he has experienced antisemitism all his life. (ITV)

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The 50-year-old TV star rose to fame after founding the website in 2003 and is a regular guest commentator on ITV's This Morning and GMB.

Comedian Baddiel argues in his new documentary that antisemitism is equivalent to racism directed at the Jewish community.

He also apologises to footballer Jason Lee for donning blackface to impersonate him 25 years ago.

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