Martha Stewart's Delicious Alternative For A Mayo-Free Egg Salad

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Martha Stewart smiling - Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Want to make egg salad without the mayo? Martha Stewart to the rescue! Her clever alternative for a mayo-free egg salad is made by combining an acid, oil, and creamy emulsifier of your choice (such as mustard or horseradish) to create a lip-smacking vinaigrette. This robust customizable dressing can then be gussied up with pantry staples and fresh herbs, transforming a bland egg salad into an unexpectedly delectable dish that doesn't sacrifice on its characteristic creamy consistency.

While a traditional egg salad is a scrumptious cook out classic, the high proportion of mayo present in the mixture can give it a cloying and overwhelming texture. Using store-bought mayo, though convenient, can also make all your picnic dishes, from tuna salad to coleslaw, taste one-note. Replacing the mayo with creamy substitutes, like sour cream or Greek yogurt, can add flavor and lighten its texture, but this trick doesn't fly when it comes to dairy-free diets. A vinaigrette, on the other hand, can make a basic egg salad sing without adding a dairy ingredient; it has a concentrated flavor, can be whipped up quicker than a homemade mayo, and keeps well in the fridge for up to a week in a sealed jar. Plus, courtesy of its intense potency, you can use it sparingly, therefore reducing the calorie-density of a dish that's otherwise packed full of mayo.

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Mustard Mimics The Creaminess Of Mayo In Egg Salad

Vinaigrette with wholegrain mustard and lemon
Vinaigrette with wholegrain mustard and lemon - AD077/Getty Images

A basic vinaigrette combines 3 parts acid (traditionally vinegar) to 1 part oil. Then flavorings, such as wholegrain mustard, herbs or capers, can be incorporated into the blend, along with flavor-packed seasonings. Loosely follow this rule and you can make a personalized dressing for your egg salad that suits your palate. For example, you can easily switch the vinegar for a citrus-based acid, like lemon, lime or orange juice, to lend your vinaigrette some zing and a welcome dash of sweetness. Alternatively, a fruity vinegar, such as apple cider, can do the same trick and bring out the taste of sweet mix-ins that feature in your bowl of huevos, like diced apple or raisins.

However, if you're craving the creamy texture of mayo, try adding a dollop of Dijon mustard or prepared horseradish to your dressing to mimic that satisfying, hits-the-spot consistency. When combined with an oil and acid, these spicy extras will form a rich, concentrated emulsion that will beautifully coat your chopped eggs. Finally, elevate the flavor of your egg salad further by finishing your vinaigrette with a flourish of fresh ingredients, like chopped chives and dill, minced shallots, macerated anchovies, or a finely chopped garlic glove. Pantry staples, such as chili flakes and sumac, are also instant flavor boosters as well as pomegranate molasses, honey, and maple syrup. Add some swagger to your egg salad with these full-bodied ingredients and you'll never miss the mayo.

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