Martha Stewart Hits Back at Critics Offering 'Harsh Judgment' of Her Home Decor

Martha Stewart standing up against the haters.

In a new Instagram post shared earlier this week, the 82-year-old mogul addressed recent criticism of the decor in her Maine living room, something she was initially excited to share with her followers

But after sharing pics of the room's transformation, Stewart said she was surprised to see how many people had nothing but negative comments about the design of the space.

"I rarely read all the comments that come in after I post but because I was so happy at the transformation of my Maine living room I did go through many of the comments and was surprised at the harsh judgment so many displayed !!!" the lifestyle guru wrote in her caption, while sharing a photo of the room in question.

She then went on to explain how the new setup of the room came to be, writing, "I and my Maine helpers spent three hours moving out the old furniture and putting in the new."

Adding that she and her team were just "pleased" to have found pieces that fit into the space, she insisted that it was not a "professional installation."

"It was an attempt to change quickly and efficiently," she reiterated. "Making a house a home, or a room beautiful livable space takes a lot more than three hours."

"Of course there will be color, plants, mirrors, a new rug or two and other art and objects," she reassured, while encouraging her fans to "Stay tuned" to see the room as it continues to come along.

The TV personality got plenty of support from her followers in the comments, including a message from pal Kris Jenner that read, "GORGEOUS!!!!!!!"

"Never read the comments! You are already at the top! Enjoy the view and don’t look back," another follower implored, while someone else added, "Martha—an explanation was not necessary for the haters. Do your thing! 😍."

"As long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. 🤍," someone else commented.

Some of the comments on the original post ranged from "Is this a restaurant or a living room?🤔" to "This looks vast and cold and sterile."

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