"The Next Morning, He Had No Memory Of It": People In Long-Term Relationships Are Recalling The Scariest Thing Their Partner Did In Their Sleep

While it would be nice to have a restful night every time we fall asleep, sometimes some creepy stuff goes down. So when Reddit user u/NKVDKGBFBI asked: "Married Redditors, what is the creepiest thing your spouse has ever done?" so many people provided stories about their sleepy spouses. Here's what they had to say below:

1."My wife was sleeping in the passenger seat on a late-night drive home from visiting her family. Our very young kids are in the back seats out cold, too. She suddenly snapped up and grabbed the wheel, screaming something about how I, 'the totally awake and driving just fine' driver, was about to drive us off a cliff. She was full-strength trying to turn the wheel to the right, which would have been bad. I started yelling, 'No, NO, NO!!'"

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2."One night, my spouse sleepwalked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and started having a full conversation with a jar of pickles. I’m still not sure who won that debate."


"Did you ask her what the dill was?"


3."Back when my husband and I were dating, we lived in an apartment that had a hospice patient in the apartment below us who eventually passed. One night, my husband fell asleep with the TV on. I woke up to turn it off and went back to bed. He suddenly sat up in bed and stared at the doorway to our room for a few minutes. Eyes wide open. I'm freaking out at this point, thinking he's fucking with me. I'm trying to get him to respond, saying it's not funny anymore. He just suddenly says, 'You're not welcome here.' He stares for about five more minutes and then just lays down and goes back to sleep with his back to me. Needless to say, no matter what I did, that man would not wake up. The next morning, he had no memory of it, and it never happened again. It still makes my gut churn when I think back on it."

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4."I woke up once, and he was laughing in his sleep. Then I heard our kid laughing in her sleep. She was upstairs, and I heard her through the monitor. I was super creeped out the rest of the night."


5."My wife is a sleep talker. It’s usually just gibberish, but one night, when she was asleep and I was watching a movie, she sat upright and looked at me and said, 'Those clowns won’t get my ice cream.' She slapped me in the face and went to sleep. I was like okay, the clowns won’t get her ice cream."

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6."My husband and I were asleep when I was awoken to my husband sitting up with his finger to his lip going 'shhhh.' So naturally, I said, 'Why are you saying shhh?' And he deadass pointed to the dark corner of the room and said, 'Because that man over there wants you to be quiet.' It still gives me the chills."


7."I woke up one night to a knocking sound, and when I rolled over to wake my girlfriend (who I'm now married to), I found she was not in bed. The lights outside the room were off, and I lay there for a moment, listening to the sound before it stopped. I called her name but received no answer. The entire house was dark, and we lived in the boons, out in the middle of nowhere in Oregon. When I finally got the balls to wake up and investigate the sound and her whereabouts, I found nothing until I reached the kitchen."

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8."My pale-ass Russian wife sleeps like a vampire. Arms crossed and all that. She also had a weird upbringing and believes in premonitions. Twice, she told me not to go somewhere because she had a bad dream. Twice, I got into a wreck that same day. Then, one time, she told me she dreamed she would find a black cat outside and that she would be pregnant. A week fucking later, I heard meowing coming from outside. I'm like, hey, go feed your stray (she would feed the apartment strays and talk to them. Real Disney princess shit.) She came back with this black kitten and was like I told you so. We had never seen this stray before. And then a week later she peed on a stick and it was positive. Normally, I don't put stock in these things, but she is three for three."


9."The creepiest thing my husband ever did was sleepwalk into the living room, stare at me with their eyes wide open, and whisper my name repeatedly. I was watching TV late at night, and it felt like a scene from a horror movie."

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10."My husband sometimes talks in his sleep. He learned Latin as a child and will just start speaking it at about three in the morning."


11."About three weeks after my wife gave birth, she was very sleep-deprived and texted me: 'Mom, can you come get the baby? Mom, do you have the baby?' I was in the other room and ran into the bedroom to see her sleeping and our boy sleeping in his bassinet, just like I thought they were. When she woke up, she told me she must have been sleep-texting. That text scared the shit out of me because it sounded like she didn’t know where the baby was. This happened a couple of times, and I would always check, but I was calmer after the first time."

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12."He woke up after a nightmare about a creepy drawing that he couldn't get rid of. Then he woke me up to tell me about the dream and drew the drawing for me because he had to show me. And yeah, it was a creepy drawing. I got kind of mad because it was 3 a.m., and I have really bad paranoia, but I think it's funny looking back. Like, come on, man, have you never seen a scary movie? Don't listen to the creepy dream drawings. Lol."


13.And finally, "My husband talks in his sleep. One time, he rolled over toward me, chuckled, and then said, 'Your bones are finally dry.' He never remembers what he says by morning, but I’ll literally never forget that one, lol."

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Has your partner or ex-partner done something completely creepy in their sleep? Tell us what happened in the comments below.