MAFS UK airs physical confrontation before commitment ceremony

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MAFS UK airs physical confrontationChannel 4

Married at First Sight UK aired perhaps its most dramatic episode of this season as a physical confrontation overshadowed the penultimate commitment ceremony.

Previously, Luke landed himself in trouble with his partner Jay when a comment he made was interpreted as him calling her a walkover. Early on in tonight's (October 30) episode, Luke explained that he didn't mean it that way, while Jay revealed it was Jordan who suggested Luke was calling her a walkover.

Luke went to Jordan and Erica's room and immediately became aggressive, accusing Jordan of "chatting shit." The two squared up, literally butting heads. Jordan told Luke to "get the f**k out" while Jay dragged a seething Luke away.

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Jay accused Luke of not dealing with the situation in the right way, while Erica said there was "no excuse" for his behaviour, calling it "disgusting." Jordan, meanwhile, said he didn’t want to be in the same room as Luke again.

Later, as the penultimate commitment ceremony began, the experts addressed the incident, saying: "Before we begin, we want to acknowledge that something serious has happened. For that reason, Jay and Luke will be joining us a little later today."

The following couples voted to stay with one another: Tasha and Paul, Ella and JJ, Jordan and Erica, Ros and Thomas, Mark and Sean, Adrienne and Matt, and Laura and Arthur. Meanwhile, Georges voted to stay while Peggy voted to leave, but she said she was happy to stay in the relationship for another week to see if Georges could prove himself.

pictured jay luke
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Jay and Luke then rejoined the group, with Jay explaining that Luke's comment made her feel like she wasn't good enough. Luke, however, said he felt people "took advantage" of him not being at the dinner party, where Jordan told Jay about his comments.

Luke admitted that he was "100% in the wrong" and took "full responsibility" for the incident with Jordan, and said he was sorry.

However, Jordan didn't accept his apology, and Erica said the incident was "triggering" for her. The experts agreed with Luke that his behaviour was "unacceptable."

Luke was then kicked out of the experiment, meaning Jay had to leave with him. The pair weren't too downbeat about their exit, saying their connection meant that "the future is bright."

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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