Married father gets shredded online for Tinder profile looking for affair

Kristine Tarbert
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A married father has been labelled a ‘douchebag’ after posting a Tinder profile of himself looking for an affair.

But it’s not the extramarital activity that has most people riled up.

The unnamed man uploaded a photo to the dating app, careful to crop out his head, and simply named himself ‘P’, so as to not be identified by his wife.

“Married, home alone tonight looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more … sorry there is no head shot, too risky but will send one in you are interested (in) calling over,” he wrote alongside the image.

Photo: Twitter/@Dizzydub1

But aside from the bare chest, and awkward attempt at sucking in, it’s what can be seen in the background that has him definitely missing out on a ‘Father of the Year’ award any time soon.

“My mate came across this Tinder profile tonight. Extra douchebag points for the Moses basket in the background,” one eagled-eyed viewer said, sharing a screenshot of the image to Twitter.

Cheating on your wife is already unacceptable, but having no thoughts about your baby’s crib in the background is next-level jerk, according to pretty much everyone online.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

It is unclear whether his wife has found out, but given the movement on Twitter to expose him it is highly likely. Either that or she will recognise her dress and baby’s crib in the image.

Not cool dude.

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