MAFS' Michael opens up about cheating scandal after Mikey's explosive polygraph test

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It was one of the most explosive dinner parties to ever take place on Married At First Sight with Mikey Pembroke claiming he and Stacey Hampton slept together during filming.

Then, last night, Yahoo Lifestyle obtained exclusive footage of Mikey sitting down to take a polygraph test to set the record straight on whether or not he was lying - where he was cleared of any falsehood by the operator.

Michael Goonan in a pink shirt
Married At First Sight's Michael has spoken out about Mikey's polygraph test. Photo: Channel Nine

And now Michael Goonan has spoken out about the polygraph test, saying he completely believes that his ex-’wife’, Stacey, fooled around with Mikey behind closed doors.

“Rumours that it was Mikey’s dad friend that did the polygraph test and everything like that. No,” Michael told Krysti and Bodge on the Hit Mid North Coast radio station.

“The guy's credentials who did that polygraph test - he’s a very very serious detective. It’s not Mikey’s dad, Mikey’s dad works in the healthcare industry.”

Michael went on to say it was “pretty full on” but between the polygraph test and the message exchange between Stacey and Mikey, he claims he “knows she did it”.

“I said: ‘Are there any messages? Please tell me there are no messages.’ That was my opportunity to have her back,” Mikey said after fans questions his bizarre response to the cheating drama last night.

Mikey Pembroke taking a polygraph test.
Mikey Pembroke took a polygraph test where he answered questions about his alleged tryst with Stacey. Photo: Supplied

“When Mikey came back and showed Michael the messages he reportedly exchanged with Stacey, Michael said he just thought ‘Oh, you’re a sinking ship. I can’t help you with this, get your lifejacket mate”.

Michael said he wanted to speak with Stacey privately away from the dinner party cameras, as they “didn’t really need the drama of the show”.

“When you’re in this journey with someone, you do have respect for them,” he said.

“She has two beautiful little boys. For me to out her and join in with the rest of the group wasn’t necessary.

“My decision was made then, (but) I stayed quiet,” he continued.

“I didn’t want to bury her, I let her keep her class, well, I tried to let her keep her class. And then we had the decision and we had the chat when we got back to the hotel that night.”

Last night, Yahoo Lifestyle uploaded exclusive footage of Mikey being cleared of any possibility of lying by a polygraph test.

“I, Michael Pembroke do hereby declare that while at the Sky Suites apartments I had sexual intercourse with Stacey Hampton,” Mikey wrote in a declaration that was then grilled by the qualified tester.

“It is my opinion that you are in fact being truthful to that issue,” the man said at the conclusion of the test, confirming that Mikey scored an average of 10 on each answer.

Stacey Hampston on MAFS
Stacey has denied any allegation that she slept with Mikey. Photo: Supplied

For an answer to be considered truthful the cut-off score is three, meaning Mikey more than tripled the required criteria.

“There was no strong emotional responses indicative of deception to the declaration,” the tester explained.

Stracey has since denied the allegations , claiming: "nothing happened between Mikey Pembroke and I, no sexual relations, nothing. I can guarantee that and I can sit here and swear on anything."

In another video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, Stacey was asked about Tuesday night's episode of the show where the allegations were brought up at the final dinner party, resulting in the breakdown of her relationship with Michael Goonan.

"Mikey couldn't even look me in the eyes, he actually got his ex to do it for him. I swore black and blue as I will today, that Mikey and I have [never] ever shared any sort of sexual intimacy. We were friends and that is it, and I get where the presumptions have come from, because we did share coffee together and we did hang out,” she said.

"It actually rattles me why Mikey, still to this day, is continuing to bring these rumours up regarding us, I have nothing to gain. I lost my partner due to these rumours. I would admit it if it happened, but I'm going to sit here and swear on anything that it didn't happen and I don't get why he's saying it.”

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