MAFS' Luke breaks silence on Poppy's accusations

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

It’s been a wild few days for the Married At First Sight cast, with rumours swirling about what happens to the relationships once the contestants have left the show.

And now, groom Luke Eglin has opened up after his former bride, Poppy Jennings, following the couple’s shock departure from the show. 

MAFS groom Luke Eglin has spoken out after his former bride, Poppy, launched into an explosive rant on Facebook. Photo: Nine
Poppy and Luke exited the show this week. Photo: Nine

When he was contacted by the Daily Telegraph, Luke said Poppy “just needs her own space” and wished her luck in the future. 

“I am not going to comment on anything because it is not worth it, it really isn’t,” Luke said. 

“Honestly, she just needs to move on like I have and that is it. We are finished on the show and that is as far as it goes to be honest dude.”

Poppy’s Facebook message

Luke’s comments come after Poppy took to her Facebook page yesterday to write: “Thanks to everyone that actually knows me for their messages of support. I understand people are reacting to what they see on TV but but they see 1% of what actually goes on in the show.”

Things started to go wrong for Poppy and Luke from the moment they stood at the top of the aisle together. Photo: Nine
Poppy claimed she was missing her kids desperately on the day. Photo: Nine

Poppy went on to slam her husband Luke, claiming he was ‘fake on camera’ and a totally different man behind the scenes.

“It was infuriating,” she wrote, adding that she was apparently not allowed to talk about ‘what really happened’ on camera as it was ‘too controversial’.

The post sparked a huge response, going viral with over 10k comments in the three hours since it was published on Tuesday.

“I’m not some whinging little weak person that is going to be silenced. I’m standing up for the f***ing truth,” she ended the post.

Connie weighs in

This morning, MAFS bride Connie was asked about the controversy on the Kyle & Jackie O Show, where she seemed very uncomfortable discussing the topic. 

“I just don’t feel comfortable really giving too much of my opinion on this matter because I guess it is big and it’s something Poppy and Luke need to deal with themselves,” she said. 

However, when pressed on the matter, Connie said: “Yeah, inappropriate’s one word to use definitely it’s just, yeah, it’s heavy.”

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