MAFS' Cathy unrecognisable in pre-surgery snaps

Cathy has wowed fans on Married At First Sight coming out on top of the show’s most followed stars on Instagram.

And now new photos have emerged, showing the 26-year-old New Zealand native looking almost unrecognisable in her pre-surgery days.

Cathy MAFS
MAFS star Cathy has shocked with photo of her pre-surgery days. Photo: Channel Nine
Cathy MAFS in a red swimsuit
CosMediTour Plastic Surgery uploading this image of Cathy after her Phuket surgery. Photo: Instagram/CosMediTour Plastic Surgery
Cathy Evans from MAFS in a purple bikini
Cathy looks unrecognisable in her pre-surgery days. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans

In 2016, Cathy flew to Phuket to get a breast augmentation and she’s almost admitted to getting botox and fillers in the past.

Posting on their Instagram page, CosMediTour Plastic Surgery uploading a snap of Cathy, alongside the caption: “Our gorgeous client Cathy @summertanx from a MARRIED reality show we cannot name.. Looking amazing post surgery! Cleavage enhanced with a Breast Lift + Augmentation 325cc, round implants with dual plane placement by our Plastic Surgeon in Phuket”.

Cathy still has images from her pre-surgery days all over her Instagram page, with one photo showing the star posing in a tiny purple bikini, showing off her slight frame.

According to the Daily Mail, Cathy has spent nearly $20,000 on procedures over the years.

Cathy Evans from MAFS in bikini contest
Cathy turned to fitness in 2015. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans
Cathy MAFS weight loss
Cathy has previously documented her weight loss journey on her Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans

“Cathy used to be wild when she was younger and then one day realised how unhealthy her lifestyle was and changed everything,” a friend told the publication.

“She quit smoking, stopped binging on junk food, went sober for a while and fell in love with training and becoming physically stronger.”

Cathy previously revealed it took a nasty comment to kick start the process.

In an Instagram post towards the end of 2016, Cathy shared before and after snaps of herself alongside a bit of insight into her journey and how a comment from a friend’s brother hit way too close to home.

“One of my boys younger brother stated I had gotten so fat and I was mortified cuz it was true,” she wrote, describing a hectic lifestyle of drinking, cigarettes and party drugs.

Cathy MAFS before and after weight loss
Cathy decided to lose weight after a comment from her brother's friend. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans
Cathy MAFS
The MAFS star has had a long journey to self love. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans

“I started drinking and partying when I was 15, 16. It got really heavy when I was 17 and then by 18 and at uni, it was Wednesday through to Saturday night drinking,” she explained.

She explained it was only after putting her old vices in the bin and embracing the gym that she managed to achieve the toned body we see these days.

“I choose not to drink cuz I don't like a banging hangover the next day,” she wrote.

“I choose not to pop pills anymore cuz it's a waste of money I just like being productive with my weekends cuz I work so much, I'd rather fit in workouts, friend catch-ups, errands and shopping.”

The bride explained in a Youtube video on her weight loss that in 2015 she moved from New Zealand to Australia and gained 20 kilos.

Since then her Instagram has been dedicated to workout and bikini shots and most recently her excitement at her new adventure with a new husband.

The bride has also been open about undergoing cosmetic procedures, with The Daily Mail reporting the bubbly blonde spent over $20,000 on procedures altogether.

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