Marlon Wayans Revealed That His Home Was Burglarized And Let Everyone Know How He's Holding Up

It sounds like Marlon Wayans had a bit of a close shave at home recently.

Marlon Wayans poses in a white shirt and black blazer at a SiriusXM event
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So, earlier this week TMZ reported that Marlon's home was burglarized near the end of June.

Marlon Wayans at an event wearing a formal suit, holding up a peace sign, with a projected image of himself in the background
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The outlet claimed that Marlon's brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans, was sleeping in the house when the robbers entered around 2:30 a.m., breaking a window to rob a safe and steal a few thousand dollars.

Keenen Ivory Wayans
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Thankfully, no one was hurt — and Marlon recently took to IG to update everyone on what went down. "God is so Good. Everyone is fine. I'm grateful," he wrote in the caption.

In the accompanying video, Marlon said that the burglars "didn't really get much because I don't own shit" — and he went into greater detail in the caption, too.

Closeup of Marlon Wayans
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"Sorry, i live a simple life with 2 cats and one of them is a 1994 Range Rover, you will need a jumpstart if you steal it cuz the battery is dead," he wrote. "Robbers don’t waste your energy or your life doing home invasions, shit is too heavy!!! You want to carry all that bullshit? Throw your back out, and for what?!"

Marlon Wayans attends a red carpet event, wearing a white shirt under a dark blazer
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"I repeat I don’t own shit valuable," he concluded. "I don’t have a bunch of cash or jewelry. Please pick a better 🎯 thank you and love you… still."

Marlon Wayans at a SiriusXM event, wearing a black leather jacket over a white turtleneck
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There you have it!