Mark Wahlberg takes gym obsession to a new level

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Mark takes his fitness very seriously. Photo: Instagram/markwahlberg

Mark Wahlberg hasn’t been shy about showing off his insane body and last year sent fans into a spin with his crazy workout routine.

And now the Hollywood hunk has taken his gym obsession to a new level, by making a sizeable investment in the Australian fitness franchise F45.

With his company, the Mark Wahlberg Investment Group, and FOD Capital, the 47-year-old has bought a minority stake in the gym chain, which started as a single Australian studio and has grown to 1,500 studios across 40 countries.

“The founders of F45 Training have done an incredible job building a global brand, and with this partnership, we hope to continue disrupting the fitness industry,” Mark Wahlberg said in a statement.

“The strength of F45 is that people of all fitness levels will find motivation and support in an F45 studio. We look forward to inspiring people all over the world to pursue their health and fitness goals by introducing them to F45.”

Some of his other fitness-related investments include StockX, water brand Aquahydrate, and workout supplement Performance Inspired Nutrition.

Back in September Mark took to his Instagram stories to share his typical daily schedule.

It revealed the actor’s routine includes a 2:30am alarm call, two epic workout sessions, an hour in a cryo chamber and bed by 7:30pm.

Mark decided to share the information with his 10.3 million Instagram followers, after he revealed he’s constantly asked about how he keeps in shape.

Mark Wahlberg has revealed his typical daily routine – and it’s intense. Photo: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg
He uploaded a list of his routine to his Instagram stories. Photo: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg

After his 2:30am alarm goes off, Mark takes half an hour for prayer time, after which he grabs breakfast, at 3:15am.

By 3:40am Mark’s in the gym for his first workout of the day, which ends at 5:15am.

Then, at 5:30am he grabs a post-workout meal before getting into the shower at 6am.

At 7:30am it’s time to play some golf with friends, during which he grabs a snack at 8am.

After his time on the course, at 9:30am, Mark spends one hour in a cryo chamber for muscle recovery.

He grabs another snack at 10:30am and sets aside two hours from 11am until 1pm for family time with his wife Rhea Durham and his children, Ella, 15, Michael 12, Brendan, nine and Grace, eight.

This is how Mark gets his biff body. Photo: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg

He also spends this time catching up on work calls or attending meetings.

Then 1pm means it’s time for lunch, after which it’s back to work for the star from 2pm until he has to pick up the kids from school at 3pm.

His last snacks comes at 3:30pm, just before his last workout of the day at 4pm.

After an hour in the gym, Mark hops into the shower at 5pm and has dinner with his family from 5:30 until bedtime at 7:30pm.

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