Mark Consuelos Stuns Kelly Ripa With Family Update Suggestion

Mark Consuelos couldn't have been more serious when he suggested to wife Kelly Ripa that they should come up with their "grandparent names," or the monikers they want their future grandchildren to call them by.

During a recent Live! broadcast the longtime couple-turned-co-hosts were celebrating the recent arrival of who they've dubbed "the newest member of the Live family," the 3-week-old granddaughter of the show's director, Brian Chapman.

Addressing Chapman, the Riverdale alum inquired about his "grandfather name" in the Friday, July 5, episode as transcribed by Decider.

"Is it going to be Grandpa?" Consuelos asked. "Pappy?"

Ripa then chimed in, suggesting, "Glampa."

Shockingly, Chapman said that he decided on an entirely different nickname: Bode, "like the skier Bode Miller." He also revealed that his wife, Donna, chose an equally unique title, “Go-go.”

All the chatter about growing families apparently got Consuelos, 53, thinking, as he later turned to his wife of 28 years and said "We have to start thinking about our grandparents names."

Nearly speechless, Ripa, also 53, replied: "Why, have you heard something?"

Though the co-hosts share three adult children–Michael, 27, Lola, 23, and Joaquin, 21–Consuelos said "it's not even close" to time for the two to become grandparents, suggesting that it's never too early to prepare. His wife agreed, recalling similar advice she received from "friends that have grandchildren."

"They were like, ‘You have to select your grandparents names now–before the others [do]. You have to establish your grandparent names,'" she said, noting that she still hadn't given it much thought before now.

Ripa then revealed that Andy Cohen's two young kids started addressing her as "Mee Maw" before it somehow transitioned to "Madame" during a recent trip they took together.

"So maybe I’ll have them call me Madame," she shared. "Don’t you think that’s, like, chic?"

As for Consuelos, Cohen's kids call him "Pee Paw," so if he wants to match his wife's energy, he's going to have to start thinking of something a little more posh. But that should be easy, considering all the time they have to decide and how easy it was for him to adapt to the most recent big life change: his spur-of-the-moment new hairdo.

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