What s Your Body Trying To Tell You?
What's Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Eye Spy

Small yellow bumps on your eyelids ruining your eye make-up? Your cholesterol could be dangerously high. "Fatty deposits under the skin of the eyelids can suggest a higher than likely possibility of very high cholesterol," says Queensland GP Dr Mason Stevenson. Visit your doctor for a lipid levels test.

Mouth: Cracking up

If you've spied cracks or white patches in the corners of your mouth, you could have a thrush infection. "A fungal infection is easily cleared with an antifungal cream," assures Dr Stevenson. Although a blood test might show up a possible vitamin B or iron deficiency, also linked to recurrent mouth ulcers.

Face: Facial Fuzz

While genes usually determine a person's hairiness, excess facial and pubic hair could point to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a sometimes symptom-free condition that can cause infertility. "PCOS is surprisingly common, and is associated with varying degrees of obesity," says Dr Stevenson. "The ovaries produce extra male sex hormones, which can promote excess hair growth." Other symptoms can include acne, irregular periods and ovarian cysts. Treatments range from weight-loss programs to hormone medication.

Hands: White Out

Pale flecks on your nails can mean more than the need for a manicure. It could point to low iron and zinc levels, which can leave you tired and prone to bad skin and colds. "The most common cause of white spots on nails is trauma to the nail bed," explains Dr Stevenson. But make sure you're getting your daily dose of iron (found in red meat, fish, eggs and dark leafy vegetables) and zinc (from oysters, beef and nuts), and put down the cuticle cutters.

Legs: Muscle Meltdown

From a lack of fitness to poor circulation, getting a cramp in your leg can mean many things. One of the top causes is dehydration, so make sure you're well hydrated if you're a sufferer. Dr Stevenson says night cramps could be a sign of an underlying disorder, like diabetes, so see your GP for a blood test.

Feet: Sole Searching

High heels aren't the only culprits when it comes to a burning sensation in feet and heels. If it's teamed with tiredness, you could be low in vitamin B. Dr Stevenson warns that long-term vitamin B12 deficiency could lead to permanent nerve damage.