Doutzen Kroes. Photo: Getty Images.
Doutzen Kroes. Photo: Getty Images.

If you thought life as a Victoria’s Secret Angel was easy, you’d be (partially) wrong according to Doutzen Kroes, who revealed that she’s working closely with Natalie Portman’s Black Swan instructor to stay in shape.

“I work out three or four times a week,” said Kroes. “I do a mix of boxing at a gym in New York and ballet with Mary Helen Bowers, who runs Ballet Beautiful and helped get Natalie Portman in shape for Black Swan.”

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Portman’s grueling Black Swan workout was widely publicised following the release of the movie, with Portman admitting it was “absolutely grueling”.

Bowers said in order for Natalie Portman to be a ballerina, she had to train like a professional ballerina so she would look like one and move like one.

“You get the sense of the monastic lifestyle of only working out, that is a ballet dancer’s life,” commented Portman. “You don’t drink, you don’t go out with your friends, you don’t have much food and you are constantly putting your body through extreme pain, so you get that understanding of the self-flagellation of a ballet dancer.”

Kroes admitted the workout was far from a breeze, saying, “'It's tough because it focuses on specific areas including the inner and outer thighs, butt and abdominal area and arms. Every morning after a workout with her, I feel so sore in places I didn't know I had.”

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Kroes isn’t the only Victoria’s Secret Angel to admit it takes a significant amount of work to retain her figure.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr confessed that the pressure was on before a runway show: “I've been doing yoga every day for the past six months. But I've been doing more squats because you gotta get that booty up - you really can't hide anything when you're up there on that runway - you've got cameras coming at you from every angle."