Managing partners Sally Kissane & Michelle Holland
Creative director/copywriter Rob Morrison
Art director Steve Babbage
Producer Dave Nuttall
Strategic planner Melissa Warren

“You’re not born hating your body, it’s something that you’re taught. We wanted to send an optimistic message – that these sorts of learned behaviours can be unlearned. It’s just something we need to think differently about. It’s also a beautiful, fresh image that’s a little bit unexpected. It feels positive.”

Publicis Mojo

Executive creative director Grant Rutherford
Creative director/writer Michelle Walsh
Art director Sam Pemberton
Planner Jon Deves
Business development director Genelle Sharples

"Women have come so far and achieved so much, but at the same time we’re making ourselves look and feel smaller by seeing our bodies in a negative way. This is a play on the feminist catchcry, ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ By changing those words, we wanted to ask women to reflect on how they talk to themselves and their girlfriends. You’re the best friend you’ve got. You need to be kind to yourself.”

M&C Saatchi Australia

“We wanted to encourage a celebration of individual beauty. Inspired by the social media practice of hashtagging ‘nofilter’ to mark unfiltered photography, we wanted to empower women to get involved and celebrate themselves ‘unfiltered’. You are beautiful just the way you are – tell the world.”


Creative director Kristy Player
Senior designer Sarah Marsden

“We all know that kids love to mimic from a very young age, and it’s usually their parents they start mimicking first. We want to make people aware of their behaviour, so they don’t pass their own body image issues on to their kids. As adults, we have an opportunity to break the cycle.”


Art director Peter Kirwan
Copywriters Andy Lish & Justine Gaitz
Illustrator Pat Sofra
Executive creative director Paul Reardon

“The heart is the universal symbol for love, so in encouraging women to love their bodies it seemed an obvious place to start. We wanted to talk to everyone, so we avoided showing a particular body shape, and we wanted to explore the issue in a non-traditional, slightly unexpected way. We altered the heart to reflect the curves of a woman’s body, conveying the message that love comes in more than just one shape.”

DDB Group Sydney

Creative director Steve Jackson
Art director Richard Gray
Senior writer Jeff Galbraith
Art buyer Leesa Murray
Artist Sarah Hankinson @ The illustration Room

“The curved line gives the waist of an hourglass shape on one side and a bulge on the other; what you see depends on who is looking. The idea is that there is often a huge distinction between how a woman looks and how she feels, and that your body is more beautiful than you think. The watercolour illustrations add a really personal feeling – we wanted to create something that felt more like art, or something that was selling a way of thinking rather than a particular product.”


The average age a woman learns to like her body is 45, according to a recent study. We say: why wait?

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