Kids React To Gay Marriage Proposals
Kids React To Gay Marriage Proposals

It’s said that the easiest way to get the truth is to ask a child: and that’s just what The Fine Brother’s have done in the latest episode of the 'Kids React’ series.

The TV show filmed a group of 5-13 year old kids watching two gay marriage proposals and asked them how they felt about it, with some surprising and heart-warming results.

At first, the kids are unsure of what’s going on: there’s a flashmob happening during 'Spencer's' proposal, and they’re distracted by the music and dancing.

But once it becomes clear that a man is about to ask another man to marry him, awe and shock cross their faces.

"That was just so cute,” says one girl afterwards. “It doesn't matter if they're gay." Another follows up with, "That was so cute. I can't even...I can't even!!"

By the time the next proposal pops up on screen, most of the kids have figured out what’s happening.

“That’s a little dangerous,” observes one, but she isn’t concerned about gay marriage: she’s worried about the girl standing on top of a bus as part of her elaborate proposal.

“That’s what I want to see, gay and lesbian people shouldn’t be hiding,” says another girl.

When asked afterwards what the video was about, the results border on hilarity.

“Justin Bieber married a guy,” sums up one child.

Meanwhile, most of the other kids are in awe of what just happened.

“You don’t see that everyday, it’s ok though!” said one girl. “Boys can like a boy and a girl can like a girl.”

At first, it looks like one of the younger girls might be against the idea: but when the presenter says a lot of people were upset because it was a man proposing to a man and a woman proposing to a woman, she looks aghast.

“I don’t get why anyone would be mad!” she says, throwing her hands up in the air.

Of all the children interviewed, only one seems hesitant about the whole thing, but he can’t say why: clearly his parents need a little help in the education department.

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