With 500,000 tickets sold to 45 shows across Australia — and a two-year-old daughter in tow — Pink is one red hot momma. She shows her true colours to Jackie Frank.

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the september issue of marie claire with p!nk on the cover.
The September issue of marie claire with P!nk on the cover.

I saw in a tweet that you called Australia “Positive Land”...
Australians are not full of shit. It’s in the water when you’re from Philadelphia; you can smell bullshit from the other side of the street. That’s how it is here.

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Why do you think Australia has taken to you the way that it has?
I have never, ever been able to answer that question. I have no idea why anyone likes me [laughs]. I am very polarising. It’s either absolutely love or absolutely can’t-be-around-for-more-than-three-seconds.

Five hundred thousand tickets sold. That’s massive.
I sold more last time [laughs]. I had more time. Now I have a two-year-old [laughs], but yes, it is overwhelmingly amazing.

marie claire's editor, jackie frank, poses with p!nk.
marie claire's editor, Jackie Frank, poses with P!nk.

What’s it like travelling with a two-year-old?
It’s different. I used to stay up til 4 o’clock in the morning on the Internet, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, wake up at noon, roll out of bed, got to the gym. Now it’s foot-on-face here, hot breath...it’s just awesome. It’s exhausting and it’s terrifying and it’s the best thing that has ever happened.

You want someone to give you a handbook when you have a kid. You don’t get it.
When we got home from the hospital, Willow had a meltdown and I had a meltdown and it was like a mother-of-all meltdowns for both of us. Carey didn’t know who to comfort first. He was like, ‘arrrggghhhh’. It’s like, ‘Wait, you sound like her!’ Carey’s eyes were like saucers [laughs]. He didn’t know what to do.

You’ve said you want to have a lot of kids...
I don’t want to do the baby stuff five times, but the idea of, like, a holiday with five kids fighting and me just sitting at the head of the table cracking up, pouring more wine, I just love that idea. I love the idea of all the chaos.

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