A new survey has revealed the most popular travel destinations for Australians, as well as the celebrities we’d pick to go on holidays with.

According to the Hilton HHonors commissioned survey, Australians list their “ultimate” destinations as the Egyptian pyramids (43%) Niagara Falls (37%), the Great Wall of China (30%) and the Eiffel Tower (28%).

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When it comes to our annual four weeks of leave however, it seems we prefer the ease of English speaking countries, with America, New Zealand and England topping the list. The US dollar seems to be the main reason we’re all travelling to the States, with half of Generation Y eyeing it as a prime shopping destination.

For those who are after a little culture, Italy, France and Japan are the places you’re most likely to venture to.

In contrast, Lonely Planet’s list of top 2013 destinations is decidedly more adventurous: Sri Lanka, Montenegro, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, Iceland, Turkey, Dominian Republic and Madagascar are the company’s top picks for the year.

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Regardless of your holiday style however, it seems that out of all the celebrities out there, Johnny Depp is the one you’d hypothetically pack in your suitcase if given the chance. Ryan Gosling is a popular second choice, with his good looks and charm winning over the female respondents.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, male respondents admitted they’d be most likely to invite Miranda Kerr on their holiday if given the chance.

What do you think of the results?

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