It seems manners really do matter when it comes to dating, with a new survey revealing that swearing is the number one first date turn-off for both men and women.

According to dating site, which commissioned the survey, women are “most offended by the use of obscenities”, with 48.3% of us saying this is reason enough to lose a guy’s number.

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But it’s not just men who need to watch their mouths on a first date – women who swear are also likely to be left waiting by the phone afterwards, with 39.3% of males admitting that obscenities are their number one pet hate.

“In a culture where cussing and colourful slang is all part of being Australian, it comes as a surprise that for both sexes that when it comes to dating, the number one turn off is swearing,” said spokesperson Howard James. “Australians have never been known for shying away from profanities, but in the fickle world of casual dating, a potty mouth is grounds for dismissal.”

The other big no-no according to the survey is the use of mobiles at the dinner table, with 30.9% saying they’d quickly lose interest in someone who was glued to their phone (that means no instagramming your food either ladies).

Negativity, neediness and “wild behavior” round out the top 5 list of first date turn-offs, with 33.4% stressing the importance of not complaining about an ex.

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“Research has proven that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people,” said the survey.

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