A new app has just hit the market which shows how you might look after 10 years of drinking.

The Drinking Mirror App, which is the brainchild of the Scottish government, is part of an initiative to discourage adult women from drinking too much.

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“Over the past 20 years or so there has been a doubling in the number of deaths of women aged 31 to 44 as a result of over-consumption of alcohol and there's been a trebling of the incidence of cirrhosis and liver disease as well,” commented Health Secretary Alex Neil.

Official figures from Scottish Health Survey show one in three women in this age group “regularly” drink more than the recommended weekly guideline of 14 units a week, and "one in every 30 deaths among women" is related to alcohol. Truly staggering statistics when you consider them.

So how does the Drinking Mirror App work? Basically by appealing to your vanity. You simply upload a (sober) picture of yourself to the app and it shows you the way alcohol will affect your looks over 10 years. Think broken capillaries, fine lines and weight gain. On the bright side, it also shows you what happens if you stop drinking so much.

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The app is available only on Android at the moment, but we have a feeling this one will be a popular download when it hits the iPhone market.

Would you try the Drinking Mirror App?

Image credit: drinksmarter.org