November 22 to December 21
This birthday season gives most Sagittarians little cause for complaint, bringing a contrast from the past year’s madness. It’s been a long, hard slog and if you’ve felt overburdened by responsibilities, use December’s festive breeze to lift your mood. For starters, professional aspirations are put on the backburner – not surprising, really, as it is Christmas! Mars encourages communication and financial flamboyance, so look forward to a fun period. But it’s not just gifts that come your way. As early as January, the time’s right to get the ball rolling on contracts that hold the promise of long-term success. Relationships may also be due for an overhaul or even a revisit – and if you’ve misplaced that special magic, there may be something waiting for you in love’s lost and found around May.

December 22 to January 19
Until mid month, secrets could resurface at inopportune moments. Some sneaky behaviour has been around lately, so you may feel like clearing the air before hitting the social scene. The cosmos provides a lighter mood after the 23rd, when loved ones enjoy your attention. Quieter moments allow you to reflect on the past year, and you recognise that even the difficult times were constructive.

January 20 to February 18
Self-control and December run at odds with each other, but you should steal some quiet time for yourself. Sexually, Jupiter sends adoring thoughts around your love sector, leaving you spoilt for choice. Watch your expectations, though, as this isn’t a rock-solid phase. But what better time for an unscheduled fling? Keep those Christmas stockings handy.   

February 19 to March 20
The secret to a happy December lies in tackling necessary duties early on. So clear the decks and relax. Even though you may join the party late, you should still be lucky in love. Month’s end brings a time for raiding the sales. Don’t be shy about spending a few dollars – you deserve it. Until year’s end, you need only exert yourself in the pursuit of pleasure.

March 21 to April 20
Hidden memories may resurface in early December, and the tiniest drama could throw you off balance. Face the realities you’ve been
trying to hide from and make changes to put your life back on track. If energy levels are low, take a break. After the 23rd, Venus invites you to celebrate the season. Don’t dismiss travel or ignore romance. You’ve worked hard, now play hard.  

April 21 to May 20
If you’ve been through a period of uncertainty, this month brings more control over your personal direction. With you feeling increasingly ambitious, goals are more easily attained. This confidence can’t help but bring success. That said, also take the time to enjoy friendships. And you may as well surrender your finances to the silly season. Just aim for a financial game plan in January. 
May 21 to June 21
Kick off your shoes and let the events of the past year disappear. You have every right to demand a break. It’s been a traumatic time for you – and Gemini compassion has again shown that it knows few bounds. The bottom line: you’ve survived, and emerged stronger and wiser for it. So treat yourself to something luxurious and extravagant. Let the pampering begin.
June 22 to July 22
Surrender the sterner stuff to the past year and indulge in happier interests. If affections have been under lock and key, Venus declares an amnesty. Try not to concern yourself with money issues – December has more to offer. This month’s message? Unwind. Look forward to a renewed openness with family and perhaps an estranged friend – the divide might not be as great as you think.  

July 23 to August 22
While people enjoy the silly season, there could be a lack of Leos in the conga line. You seem determined to claim a triumphant year’s end, but there’s a danger of overload as you work into the night instead. Try to finish your tasks, but give festivities a look-in. Singles are surprised by the unusual, while couples opt for a change in scenery. A great way to end a busy year.   

August 23 to September 22 
It’s time for Virgos to rest. This past year has assailed you with complications and emotional trauma. Even if you feel like you could carry on, there’s little point. If you can accept that financial hiccups are only temporary, you should have an enjoyable holiday. Old family spats get replayed, but this time you should be able to move on and leave one another with a warm embrace.
September 23 to October 22
Librans feel stifled in early December. But you’ve reached a turning point in your life and change is inevitable. At first you may prefer to stick with what you know, but be brave – you can cut your losses if necessary. Deep down you know the only way to tackle problems is head-on. The final week brings much excitement. Let loose with the cash, credit and common sense.

October 23 to November 21
Expect greater freedom with each passing week this month. As frustrations ease, work efforts bring bigger rewards, bringing an end to anxieties. Just before Christmas, the cosmos hints at a financial jackpot. Property matters look promising, as does passion. Singles may face a choice of admirers and those in relationships plan a romantic getaway.