February 19 to March 20
With Mercury at a standstill until April 4, your birthday season may be hampered. Someone’s timing is off. You may feel that others are stifling your freedom or deliberately delaying your progress. Nonetheless, you can still maintain some focus. For now, short-term projects are more likely to attract. If anything drags on too long, expect frustration. In matters of the heart, singles catch the attention of someone special. Couples push towards material achievement. But there could still be pressure to fall in line with another’s needs. End result: tetchiness. And when you feel this way, it’s often wise to take a wide berth from friends or family. Face it, people don’t always get along, so sometimes the best thing to do is walk in the opposite direction. Fortunately, the cosmos promises warmer ties soon.

March 21 to April 20 
Mercury turns retrograde, which will result in your zodiac neighbours being more cautious, but not you: it seems you’re determined to take that proverbial jump. While powering ahead, take this chance to rid your psyche of any obstacles that threaten progress. Even so, you’ll be granted a chance to indulge in fun and love. Just don’t throw financial caution too far to the wind.

April 21 to May 20
This month, take your cue from a retrograde Mercury to correct mistakes and reconcile differences. Your keywords are “redoing” and “double-checking” – you may want to resume studies or meet up with old friends. Professionally, decide what truly drives you. If you’re still dissatisfied after late March, start circulating your résumé.

May 21 to June 21
Cosmic forces give you the choice to gain better control of your destiny. Still, expect the occasional hurdle. Romantically, make your moves early because, after the 13th, there’s a chance of being misunderstood. Mid month instigates financial changes, too. If you’re hoping to finalise negotiations, make sure any agreement is committed to ink. Not everyone is trustworthy.   

June 22 to July 22
Last month was exciting, but it didn’t cure your travel bug. The remedy? Pack a bag and leave town. If that’s not possible, reassess current plans, but protect your past. Whatever happened in the past should stay there. Should you hear an alarm bell ringing after the 13th, it will be your finances giving you a wake-up call. Spend wisely.  
July 23 to August 22
Mercury is responsible for stressing out many Leos this month. And Pluto has been creating health problems for a while. So it’s hardly surprising your energy levels have been low. Stop burying your head in the sand and start paying attention to your body. You’re a powerful life force, but even you can occasionally overtax yourself. A balanced diet and exercise are “must-dos” this month. Learn how to “chill”.  

August 23 to September 22 
When Mercury moves backwards, life for Virgos usually stops. So rather than start something new, it’s time to work on unfinished projects. To prevent errors, double-check your agenda, call to reconfirm appointments, have everything ready before a deadline, and leave extra time for unexpected events. Another solution? Take a well-deserved holiday.

September 23 to October 22
Venus and Uranus are on friendly terms for much of March, which projects sexual energy. If you’ve been left wondering whether you’ll ever be carnally blessed again, worry no longer: romantic rewards are yours for the taking. Work will keep you busy, but choose your moments – especially after the 13th. You’ll achieve more if you take the occasional “mental health” day.  

October 23 to November 21
Independence sits like a trophy on your shelf, so there’s no doubting your ability to perform. But this month, you’re moving to unfamiliar ground. March expands your horizons, introduces new friends and reminds you how loved you are – with a romantic finale to top it off. The best news? An improvement in financial fortunes towards month’s end.  

November 22 to December 21
This is a month of self-acceptance. You finally understand how unique you really are. Although Mercury might try to slow progress after the 13th, your determination wins out. Meanwhile, Saturn demands responsibility, while Venus wants to have fun. In contrast, the month’s end calls for closure and life starts to settle down. Relax into this unhurried phase guilt-free.  

December 22 to January 19
Sometimes you need to slip into “me” mode. Stress crops up in all our lives, but Capricorns seem to feel it acutely. Too many people rely on you, and the only cry for help you tend to ignore is your own. So your challenge this month is to sort out what needs to be accommodated and what doesn’t. Roster all your duties into a manageable schedule, including time for play.  

January 20 to February 18
Mercury and Saturn stand ready to defy fate, setting in motion an unusual chain of events. Call it a coincidence, but there’s a chance you’ll receive professional acclaim in March because you recognise opportunities that others miss. Around the 13th, an estranged partner may be ready to return to your embrace. But will you be equally as enthusiastic?