20th January to 18th February

2012 Overview
For many years now youʼve been coping with transformation on many different levels but, most importantly - your psyche. Both Saturn and Neptune continue to question your motives and behaviour. There's no better way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself than to learn from past and present. Any tunnel vision you may have is replaced by a wider, larger perspective. Saturn, the great disciplinarian, represents a force of nature that creates and preserves but also destroys. To transform, things are torn down or pruned, which then allows regeneration - just like new shoots of a tree. 2012 is also a year for travel and study. Health improves, as do family relationships. After September, you want to soak in as much life experience as you can.

Love & Sex
With pheromones in free flight, 2012 finds you taking a somewhat more hedonistic approach to love and life. Very few of your attentions remain unrequited. Three Eclipses - on May 20, June 4 and November 28 shake up your romance sector, creating shockwaves all year long. When sexy Venus enters the same sector between April and August, expect a romantic replay with a lover from the past. To top it all off, loving Jupiter enters flirty Gemini on June 11, making you ready, willing and able to extend your sexual boundaries. More importantly, you'll realise that you don't need to please all the people all the time - enabling you to discover the sheer joy of pleasing yourself!

This year looks set to provide a different journey from the one you've so meticulously mapped out. Realise from the start, that each detour is negotiable. In early 2012, patience is your greatest strength. Itʼs not until October that Saturn starts to lift your career profile - in gradual increments. Two years from now, your job description will seem ridiculously changed - but in very promising and lucrative ways. In the meantime, March, July and August signal breakthroughs. These are pivotal months in a what becomes a long-term campaign to raise your professional status. Motivating yourself hasnʼt been an issue in the past, but this yearʼs challenge is to learn how to lead others.

The year starts with an overhaul of your finances. Your need for financial security is intensified, prompting you to work harder than ever to get what you want. Sure, it wonʼt all go your own way. But despite any opposition, by yearʼs end - your battle is clearly won.

The Aquarius Man
Unpredictable and rebellious, this man is anything but conventional. He enjoys sex but doesn't get things out of proportion - what he finds equally stimulating is clever conversation. Aquarius will always want to go his own way, and will need independence. The Aquarian male can also be surprisingly solitary. Inner feelings are private property and rarely voiced. Little wonder, then, that few truly understand him. But should you choose to accept him, quirks and all, youʼll win this dedicated man's life long trust.