Mulberry’s highly anticipated spring/summer 2013 campaign has just been released, revealing a series of dream-like images shot by renowned British photographer Tim Walker.

Inspired by English country gardens with a decidedly 70s Californian cool theme, Emma Hill’s latest offering is a delectable fusion of pastels and prints in tailored form.

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Alongside the signature stylish dresses and lightweight capes and coats (modelled by Meghan Collison) sit some of Mulberry’s most coveted handbags, including the new Willow tote, seen on the Mulberry S/S runway.

Describing the range as a “grown up aesthetic expressed through a controlled palette,” Walker, who worked with set designer Shona Heath to create the atmospheric shots, says the idea of the campaign was to focus on the girl as the landscape, filling the frame.

“We wanted to focus more on the story of the clothes and bags and less on the narrative of the set,” explained Walker, who famously shot Mulberry’s theatrical A/W 2012 campaign, inspired by the children’s film ‘Where the Wild Things Are.”

A total of seven giant coral sculptures, 100 transparent spheres, “countless” small corals and abstract lunar flowers were bought in to create the dream-like scene, which references deep sea and lunar landscapes according to Walker.

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“The colour palette, inspired by Emma's collection, is a controlled range of super matte pastels and the effect is soft, almost powdery and Shona and her team emphasised this feeling using smoke blown through the dreamscape set,” said Walker.

While the images may look like a dream, this is one fantasy that’s about to come true - pieces from the collection are set to drop into stores from February onwards.