Trend: Men In Tights
Trend: Men In Tights

Usually reserved for the ballet and Shakespeare plays, male tights are set to hit city streets the world over, with stylish men in New York and London pioneering the so-called ‘megging’ trend.

The male answer to ‘jeggings’ (jeans that are so skinny they’re more like leggings) has already taken Hollywood by storm, with celebrities including Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz sporting the streamlined look.

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Meggings are reportedly selling so well in New York that industry experts believe it won’t be long before the trend hits worldwide.

“Uniqlo is already selling (meggings) on its British website, and their success in New York is seen as an indication they will also prove popular here,” said the Telegraph UK.

So far opinion seems divided on the new trend, with one New Yorker telling a local newspaper, “Male tights are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans. I’ve always had good legs and it’s nice to show them off all year round.”

On the flipside, says British designer Lucy Sykes, if you don't look like her "young, dark and handsome" friend Neil, who used to perform ballet at the Lincoln Center and apparently “has the supple, sinewy body of a megging-clad Adonis”, meggings are a particularly difficult look to pull off.

Plus, as points out, men will have nowhere to store their wallets or phones, as meggings definitely don’t come with pockets.

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“If meggings truly are on the rise, perhaps it's time to invest in the man bag industry,” the website mused. “These guys are going to need somewhere to stash their wallets.”

What do you think of the megging trend?
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