What's the inspiration behind your spring/summer collection?

I am currently inspired by the combination of extremes, particularly sharp structure and precise tailoring paired with soft luxurious draping. Fabrics are always my main inspiration, and this season I have sourced incredible fabrications from all over the world. The collection will be made up from silks, wools, linens, cottons and some new hi-technical finishes.

What sort of prints and textures are featured in your upcoming range?
I have avoided prints this season, and instead my focus has been on sourcing and creating interesting textures in fabrics, unique weaving techniques and high-tech surface finishes. Colour is also key, and the collection will include at least 40 shades.

In your opinion, what are some of the big trends we can expect to see on the catwalk at MBFW?
I think you will see lots of colour but with tailoring and androgyny.

What’s your favourite fashion week memory?
The day after, when I had a chance to see all the runway imagery. I was pleasantly surprised.

What are you most looking forward to at fashion week this year?
The opportunity to tell an amazing original story through my collection, and the process to that point – working with an amazing team and beautiful fabrics to pull all the pieces together.

What will you be doing after fashion week wraps?
I will definitely be having a weekend away with my partner, but I will take a proper holiday in June. I’m thinking a yoga retreat and lazying about somewhere tropical, let’s see how long I can sit still for!

A model shows off a Carl Kapp design on the David Jones catwalk.