It seems supermodel Kate Moss was in for a surprise upon viewing her wedding photos in the September issue of US Vogue.

In a striking portrait of Moss and her daughter, an over-zealous art director has photoshopped Lila Grace's hand beyond recognition, cutting two of the eight-year old's fingers off.

"You really have to hand it to Vogue," said "Did an inattentive so-and-so have their fingers in too many pies? How else to explain this heavy-handed editing job? One wonders, will Anna Wintour call for all hands on deck to finger the culprit?"

Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani told WWD in April this year that she is "very against" the use of Photoshop, but recognises that it's universally used by photographers.

The editrix, who has been at the helm of Italian Vogue nearly as long as Wintour has reigned at US Vogue, defended an un-airbrushed picture of Moss earlier this year which highlighted the supermodel's cellulite.

"When Kate Moss arrived, they all said, 'Here is the anorexic model', but she was 15 - now they are all against her because she has cellulite," said Sozzani. "Who cares? We would all like to have cellulite like she does. We have this damn Photoshop, where 14-year-old girls are polished, they take away the stomach, the sides and they all seem thinner."

What do you think of Vogue's obvious alteration of Kate Moss' daughter?

Image courtesy of Vogue.