Looking impeccably groomed in a slouchy dark grey Topshop knit, silver Balmain leggings and studded Christian Louboutin Pigalle high heels, you could be forgiven for thinking Elle Macpherson is much younger than she actually is (48).

The supermodel, otherwise known as 'The Body', in the business, is in town to promote one of several endorsements – this time it's Invisible Zinc, which is releasing a series of new products including the Sports Clip-On Sunscreen, which Macpherson says is a "must" for sports fanatics like herself.

"I love the whole range of Invisible Zinc products,” says Macpherson, tossing her long honey locks over her shoulder (also impeccably styled). "But the main reason I chose to partner with the company was because they share so many of my brand values. Plus I felt that teaching Australians about suncare was really important."

The supermodel, who recently met with the Queen at a reception at Buckingham Palace ("she's a really great conversationalist, she's beautiful," raves Macpherson), doesn't blink when asked how she manages to juggle her hectic lifestyle.

"I have a set schedule," Macpherson says carefully. "So basically I have my life planned out until next December. I know that sounds scary," she laughs, "but it's just how I have to do things."

She explains that from January to June she'll be shooting Britain's Next Top Model, then from June till September she's tied up with fashion engagements. Somewhere inbetween she finds the time to address her lingerie line, Elle Macpherson Intimates, which, she boasts, "has now been in business for 21 years, can you believe that?! I don't know how this brand keeps going and going!"

Macpherson is a regular on the red carpet, but she's also received a lot of press lately for her daring school run outfits, which often include five inch heels.

"I don't get dressed up to do the school run," she explains. "I'm often just coming back from a day of shooting Britain's Next Top Model, so I'm still wearing whatever they pared me in."

What is her daily beauty regime like then? How does she find the time to present herself so well?

"I get up every morning at 5am," confesses Macpherson. "Then I meditate for 20 minutes before making the boys breakfast and taking them to school. I'll then do some form of sport, whether it be spinning or yoga or running. Then I'll have a steam and exfoliate my whole body including my face, followed by a shower. I then moisturise all over as well before applying sunblock. In terms of make-up, it's a slick of Revlon crème blush and lipgloss, and of course mascara is one of my beauty staples!"

Despite admitting in the past that she spent a lot of time in the sun when she was younger, these days Macpherson is all about a healthy faux glow. "I love the Invisible Zinc Jetset Spray Tan," she says, holding it up. "You just have to make sure you spray it from a distance. But it will give you a flawless tan."

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Macpherson obviously pays a lot of attention to wellbeing and healthy living – after all, one doesn't get nicknamed 'The Body' for nothing.

"Honestly I was going to say that my one healthy lifestyle tip is to drink loads of water," says Macpherson. "But actually I think it is laughter, which opens the heart and the spirit. It allows the universe to present you with possibilities and it eases the pain when there's complicated moments. We can all deliver a message that is strong but with a sense of humour if we need to."

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