Fans dub Margot Robbie the queen of transformations

Rebekah Scanlan

Margot Robbie has already been tipped to take home an Oscar for her performance in I,Tonya.

But as we eagerly await the movie's release to cinemas in February next year, the movie production company Neon Films have dropped some promotional photos of Margot playing the disgraced figure skater, Tonya Harding.

One word. WOW.

Margot Robbie has been praised for her incredible transformation into Tonya Harding. Source: Getty/Neon

With the American ice-skater's signature bouffant fringe and bold make-up, fans have been been quick to comment on the striking similarities between the two, calling the transformation "amazing."

"I don't know where Tonya ends and Margot begins..." one user wrote on Twitter, while another confessed they "doubted" the casting but now believe the Aussie was a "good choice" for the role.

Her character has a completely different look to Margot's usual style, seen here in June 17. Source: Getty
The Aussie actress has perfected not just her look, but her mannerisms too. Source: Neon/Getty

But it's not just Tonya Harding Margot has totally nailed.

The former Neighbours star is also working on a new flick, Mary Queen of Scots in which she plays Queen Elizabeth I.

New images of Margot as Queen Elizabeth I show she's done it again. Source: Austral Scope/ Supplied

Earlier this year, photos were leaked from the set in London which saw the 27-year-old sporting a balding red-haired wig in order to portray the monarch and she was almost unrecognisable from the sexy seductress we saw in Wolf of Wall Street.

Once again, her ability to switch into another powerful woman had people stunned.

The actress is clearly very committed to playing her roles, revealing to Yahoo Entertainment that great lengths went into the evolution of Margot as Tonya Harding.

“I worked a lot with a movement coach to alter my physicality and create certain mannerisms,” the Suicide Squad star said. "I also studied her a lot."

A lot of attention to detail went into making Margot a mirror image of Tonya Harding. Source: Neon

“Our hair and make-up designers only brought products from cheap strip malls,” she continued. “It had to be something that Tonya could’ve gotten her hands on at the time. Everyone really threw themselves into this character and helped create this character.”

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