Margot Robbie on the similarities between ‘Babylon’ and ‘Barbie’

On the 'Babylon" Australian premiere red carpet, star Margot Robbie revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle how her 2023 blockbuster films 'Babylon' and 'Barbie' are similar. Watch to find out.

Video transcript

- You've got two huge movies coming out this year, Babylon and Barbie. They look very different. Is there any similarities of differences there?

MARGOT ROBBIE: I cannot think of many similarities, except that they're both very cinematic. And they're both very funny, very different kinds of humor, but both very funny.

- This character, very out there. You like to go for a bit of an out here character.


- Do you have a favorite from your career, Harley Quinn, Donna?

MARGOT ROBBIE: I love all of them. But I'd say Nellie's probably my favorite.

- Really?

MARGOT ROBBIE: Yeah, she-- I don't know, just something-- she's, I think, always going to have the one that has like the strongest hold on me, yeah.