Man's proposal to 'pregnant' girlfriend has shock ending

Kristine Tarbert
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A man decided to test his girlfriend to see if she would cheat but ended up getting way more than he bargained for.

Enlisting help from the team at To Catch A Cheater, the girlfriend was approached by a male model pretending to be a personal trainer.

Much to her partner’s delight she turned him down after he offered her free training lessons. But what came next completely shocked everyone.

“I can’t. I’m actually pregnant,” she told the actor in the clip.

The man had no idea his girlfriend was pregnant. Photo: Youtube

Visibly shocked her partner reveals he had no idea she was pregnant and would have to think about what to do now.

Cutting to a new day, he explains that he has decided to propose to his girlfriend, all the while allowing everything to be filmed.

Hidden cameras show her jumping for joy at the proposal and happily accepting. But then her now fiancé decides to reveal how it all came about, inviting the cameras out of hiding.

He decides to propose but is in for a shock. Photo: Youtube

And that’s where things took a turn.

“Congratulation. On the baby as well,” the crew said to the happy couple.

“What? Do you think I look fat,” was the woman’s response.

She goes on to reveal that she isn’t actually pregnant and just said that to get rid of the guy hitting on her.

Her partners face at that moment says it all. Awkward!

Regrets? Photo: Youtube

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