Who's that maniac Eagles fan? None other than an Ivy League dean of admissions

Fandom does things to people. Especially people in Philadelphia.

The following was a not-uncommon cutaway on the FOX broadcast Sunday during the Philadelphia Eagles’ 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions. The short-handed Eagles dropped seven passes, including a possible game-winner, lost two fumbles and allowed three sacks.

When maniac Eagles man began to make the rounds on Twitter, it wasn’t long until he was identified. And it was a far Eagles cry from the sleeveless T-shirt wearing fellow we all saw on television.

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Yes, Ivy League deans like football, too. At least Eric Furda at the University of Pennsylvania does.

Furda, who has been the dean of admissions for 11 years and was previously at Columbia, took it in stride. He accepted his fate as the new face of “Angry Eagles Fan” and even reviewed the tape and threw a late flag.

Despite a Week 3 loss, Eagles fans have had quite a Monday between Furda fury and the fan who took a shot at the Eagles while describing saving children from a fire.

Luckily for everyone, the Eagles are on Thursday Night Football this week, so who knows what we’ll all see. What would we do without you, Philly?

Philadelphia Eagles fans are a rowdy bunch, including an Ivy League dean. (AP Photo/Jason E. Miczek)

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