Man slammed after revealing he and his girlfriend’s ‘toxic’ financial rules: ‘I hope she breaks up with him’

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A man couldn’t understand why money was affecting his girlfriend’s life choices.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He comes from an affluent family and earns $150,000 annually. His girlfriend earns less than a third of what he makes. They agreed to split costs equally despite the different incomes. During an expensive vacation with his wealthy family, he was confused when his girlfriend wouldn’t participate in all of the activities and outings.

“My girlfriend, myself, my parents, and my brother and his wife all went on vacation in another country a week ago,” he said. “I make around $150,000 as an IT consultant. My girlfriend is a teacher making $45,000. My parents are pretty affluent, as well as my brother and sister-in-law. My girlfriend knew this trip was coming up and took on a second job waitressing on the weekends for several months to get ready for it. We have always split things 50/50. There were a few times on the vacation when she did not go on outings with us — wine tasting, scuba diving, etc. She also would only eat two meals a day, simply stating that she was on a budget. My family does favor more high-end places.”

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When the couple returned home, he confronted his girlfriend about her eating habits.

“I asked her why she skipped out on several of the outings and only ate two meals a day,” he explained. “I mentioned how I heard her stomach growling one night and said I was concerned about her having an eating disorder. She got teary-eyed and said that three meals a day weren’t fiscally feasible for her, and neither were the outings. She said she was not expecting everything to cost so much, and she was overwhelmed. She also said she doesn’t know if this is going to work long-term if she is expected to go on vacations like that with people who make so much more than her. I feel bad that I did not pick up on her discomfort sooner. But we did agree to split everything 50/50, and I don’t know why she agreed to come if the cost was an issue.”

Reddit thought the boyfriend was being unfair to his girlfriend.

“People who split things 50/50 when they don’t have similar incomes have toxic relationships,” someone wrote.

“I hope she breaks up with him and finds someone who actually values her,” another said.

“Dude, come on, your girlfriend had to take a second job to keep up with your family,” a person commented.

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