Man proposes to girlfriend with six engagement rings

Choosing an engagement ring for your other half is a tricky business. And some grooms-to-be don’t always get it right in terms of size or style.

But one man was taking no chances when it came to his future fiancée not liking her sparkler, so much so that he decided to propose with not one but six potential engagement rings.

A groom-to-be proposed to his girlfriend with not one but six engagement rings [Photo: Getty]

Model and former professional athlete Dennis Brown II wanted everything to be perfect when he popped the question to his girlfriend Atara Dallas.

So when it came to the special moment, he hired an event planning and styling firm, a professional photographer, florist AND drapery design to capture the special moment.

However it wasn’t his decadent styling that captured our attention, it was his decision to have a choice of six potential rings that really upped the ante as far as proposals go.

Swipe right below to see his selection. 

The rings, which were all different shapes and sizes, obviously did the trick as an overwhelmed Atara accepted his planned-to-perfection proposal choosing a teardrop-shaped ring as her final pick – and it looked beautiful.

Taking to Instagram to share the images captured by photographer, Nathaniel Veal, the groom explained why he chose to give his bride-to-be a choice of six options.

“I won at life with her, so she deserves 6 rings to choose from,” he captioned the pictures.

“A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths,” he continued.

Interestingly online reactions to the proposal were somewhat mixed.

Many thought the gesture was total #proposalgoals

“This is the sweetest most precious story! My daughter and I are melting over your romantic gesture to make sure your bride has what she wants,” one user wrote.

“You’re a very thoughtful and romantic man. You’ve set the bar extremely high for guys who want to propose.”

But of course, haters gonna hate, with some people suggesting the real reason Dennis needed six rings is because he didn’t know his girlfriend well enough to make the choice for her.

Either way, let’s just hope he has the receipts to return the other five rings.

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