Man Nails It with Hilarious Compilation Video of 'If Cats Could Talk'

If our cats could talk, they’d have much to tell us. While they might find our overall services pleasing, they’d undoubtedly provide us with some constructive feedback. And it’s possible their critique could be a little stern.

This man’s priceless translation perfectly articulates what they may think. And it will have you laughing out loud.

Watch the video shared on July 1 to see what a cat might tell you.

There’s no denying that comedian Jake Lambert (@jakelambertcomedy) is a true cat dad! While our feisty felines might not use words, their looks speak volumes, and this rendition is priceless.

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What a Cat Might Say If They Could Talk

As most fur parents can attest, they have no qualms about waking us up in the morning because they are hungry, bored, or need attention. Then, he describes with a yawn, “I am shattered. I was up all night trying to wake you up! Anyway, I’m going to go sleep in a really impractical place for about five hours.” LOL!

They are also experts at seeking our attention, turning on a dime, and lashing out. Our kitties can even be rather blasé about killing a mouse or bird, and although they may not be fans of their new toy, they are often pleased with the package that came in. So true! Much like teenagers, if we meet them outside on the street, they would prefer to be ignored. And when it’s time to wind down for the day, they are just getting amped up! Even if we are lucky enough to catch some solid sleep, at around 3 AM, we can expect to be woken. Yes, indeed, if our kitties could talk, I think they would say precisely what Jake expressed.

Ways Cats Communicate

Cats have many ways to convey their thoughts. With experience, pet parents can distinguish between a happy and a frustrated meow. Their posture can express their joy or displeasure, and their ears, tail wags, and purring provide a clear view of their opinions.

Pet parents have shared their interpretations. Viewer @chloe.woolf responded, “You missed -I really like this food. You should buy it again, closely followed by -I hate this food. Why would you ever consider buying it?” Ha! That’s a good one. Viewer @brynjabjorg remarked, “Cats are such great teachers. Right now, I’m taking a PhD in getting rejected and respecting boundaries (just not my own).” That’s a core class. Viewer @alicesfavoritebooks responded, “I’m glad mine can’t talk. I feel like they’re judging me, and if they could talk, I would have zero self-esteem left.” Good point!

If Jake ever performs Stateside, I will attend his show. Considering how well he interprets cats, I imagine he also nails it with humans!