Man jealous after seeing girlfriend’s birthday celebration for her dog: ‘I’m feeling pretty hurt’

A man is upset that his girlfriend put more effort into her dog’s birthday than his.

Since they’ve been together, his girlfriend has claimed she couldn’t afford to buy him a birthday gift. But after getting a dog, she spends a lot of money on its birthday. The man is now questioning their relationship and asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in.

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“We’ve been together for 2 years and each year, she hasn’t typically been able to get me anything due to financial reasons,” he wrote. “While disappointing, I always understood and don’t necessarily expect anything on my birthday regardless.”

The issue didn’t bother him until she adopted a dog. On her dog’s first birthday, she spoiled the pet. On his birthday, she didn’t make much of an effort.

“Her (the dog’s) birthday just happens to be a couple of weeks away from mine. On my birthday, my girlfriend got me a small gift, which I appreciated and I made sure to thank her for the effort,” he said.

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She planned to bake the dog a cake and ordered almost $100 worth of dog toys, as well as clothes. For comparison, she got the Reddit poster a stuffed animal for his birthday.

“Needless to say, I felt kind of hurt that she seems to be putting way more effort into someone who doesn’t even understand the concept of a birthday as compared to her partner,” he explained. “Seeing how much she spent on her dog also made what she spent on my gift seem pretty cheap in comparison. I don’t know if I’m being shallow or overly sensitive but I’m feeling pretty hurt.”

Redditors understood why he was upset with his girlfriend.

“It’s not the gifts or lack of that hurting you it’s the effort she put in,” a user commented.

“She loves her dog more than you,” another wrote.

“We find time and money for our priorities,” a TikToker replied.

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