'He was my last resort': Man divorces wife over secret confession

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A man has left his marriage over a secret confession he overheard from his wife. Photo: Getty Images

A husband has been left burnt after an overheard conversation revealed his wife considered him her ‘last resort’.

They say you’ll never hear anything good if you eavesdrop, and as this man discovered it’s more than true.

Listening in on his wife’s conversation with a close friend, the man heard the woman he thought was the love of his life drop an ugly truth - she felt she had settled.

Taking to Reddit the man spun the sorry tale in just a few short sentences, but sparked an avalanche of reactions for the online community.

“I overheard my wife talking to one of her best friends on the phone while I was passing the bedroom. This friend is in a serious relationship,” he kicked off the contenscious post.

“My wife then said to her, ‘Sweetie, remember it’s your choice. Don’t settle for just anyone. That’s the mistake I made. Who knows who else I could of had. [My name] was my very last resort, and now look where it made me end up.’,”

“Hearing that honestly broke my heart in two,” he went on. “Does she even love me?”

If the responses to his query are anything to go by, the answer is most likely not.

Over 2k people flocked to the post to reassure the man that he wasn’t overreacting and to share one piece of advice - run.

“If she thinks she’s “settling” and you’re not her first choice, then you need to find someone else who doesn’t think that,” one person put it plainly.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the pair were only married for three months, and are just 24 and 26 years old.

Many pointed out that at a young age, there should be no ‘settling’, from her or him.

“Personally, I could never unhear those words and I don’t think I would really trust what they said to me after that. And settle?? At 26 and 24?” one person wrote.

“I wouldn’t even talk about it. Just start the divorce and leave,” another advised.

A marriage-ending dilemma

It turns out he took the advice more literally than the average Reddit user, and went ahead to confront and divorce the woman within days.

“She never loved me, it was obvious,” he added to the post.

“Our relationship only went one way, and I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing it earlier. I live in California, and I’m gonna start the process to annul our marriage.”

The sad story is actually more common than one might think.

In Australia, for both men and women, the divorce rate was highest for those aged 25–29 years according to 2016 statistics from the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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