'Underground alien cave' spotted on Mars

Sarah Carty

A man claims to have found alien life on Mars, with some people even saying they can see little eyes looking up in the video he's posted to YouTube.

For thousands of years, scientists have been trying to discover whether or not there is extraterrestrial life on Mars, but a man called Mike, who runs the Mars Alive blog, believes he’s finally cracked the case.

In the video above, Mike claims to have discovered a huge underground cave on Mars thanks to a satellite image created by Neville Thompson.

A man has claimed he has evidence that there is life on Mars. Photo: YouTube/Mars Alive

“This looks like a large opening here, an entrance to underground on Mars,” Mike can be heard saying in the video.

The crater, which is about 77 metres wide, looks like a large black hole on the surface, however, according to a commenter on the video, you can see tiny eyes looking out from the darkness.

“Wow, I see a lot of faces looking up, lots of extraterrestrial monsters like you said, all scattered around that crater. Wow, I wonder what are they doing right there ,” the commenter said.

In the video, Mike also said he thought he could see ‘beings in inside there peeking out’.

In a video posted to YouTube, Mike claims to have discovered a huge underground cave on Mars, in a satellite image created by Neville Thompson. Photo: YouTube/Mars Alive

Mike also revealed that he believes the massive crater is the entrance to the underground cave for the other beings.

“The reason why I think these are entrances is because I can almost see them in the dark areas there that could have been areas where these beings walk from one entrance to the other ,” he said.

Take a look at the video above to see what you think.

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