Man claims club barred him because he was wearing makeup

A man says he was all glammed up with no place to go after a bar refused him entry because he was wearing makeup and false eyelashes.

Bobby Rodriguez was planning to meet friends at Whiskey River, a country-western-themed nightclub in Texas, last month, but claims the “homophobic security guard” barred him, local paper the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports.

Bobby, who later shared his story in a Facebook post, said the bouncer cited his makeup as grounds for refusal.

Bobby claims a “homophobic security guard” barred him from the bar. Photo: Facebook/Bobby Rodriguez

The 21-year-old said the security guard said his appearance violated club policy.

“His words were and, I quote, ‘unfortunately, you cannot enter because you are wearing makeup, and we have a rule here that says men need to dress like men,'” Bobby said.

“I literally had to walk back to my car and rip my false lashes off and wipe off my lipstick.”

“I’m a dude,” he added in a separate interview with BuzzFeed News. “I know I’m a dude. I just like to put on makeup. You will not catch me out and about without makeup.”

In fact, Bobby says he was admitted into that very club — by a different door person — while wearing makeup just one week prior to this incident.

“I was there for three hours, and [the club] had no problem with it,” he said.

“I wear makeup to every bar, and no bar has ever had a problem with me,” he added. “If you didn’t want a dude wearing makeup, why not address it the first time?”

Whiskey River owner Angela Blohm dismissed Bobby’s account in comments to the Caller-Times, chalking it up as “just a bunch of frivolous baloney” and questioning whether the conversation with the doorman occurred as reported.

While she acknowledged that the club had a “gender-appropriate” dress code, she could not confirm if signs were posted to notify the public of said policy.

He recounted his story in a Facebook post. Photo: Facebook/Bobby Rodriguez

While Bobby’s story has received a fair amount of trolling, many are defending his right to go out in makeup.

“Wow, I am so sorry — this is outrageous,” a person commented on Facebook. “I am mad for you. This is 2018, this shouldn’t have happened. You are beautiful and amazing!”

Meanwhile, Whiskey River’s profile has been targeted by critics accusing it of being “discriminatory.”

Bobby says he is focusing on the positive messages he has received — and he doubts he’ll be returning to Whiskey River ever again.

“I’ve had a equal amount of good and bad responses,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle about the reaction to his story. “In this world everyone has an opinion, but we choose which one we pay attention to.”

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