Man calls out wife over ‘disgusting’ eating habits: ‘I am really worried about our relationship’

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A man and his wife have been fighting over leftovers and he fears it could ruin their relationship.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. His wife never wastes food and always eats leftovers out of principle. But growing up he was raised to compost any food he didn’t want to eat. After a bad batch of food, the Reddit poster refused to eat the leftovers, but his wife did. Then the couple fought for days.

“My wife and I have been getting in small fights recently over food waste,” he wrote. “Last week, I made a noodle dish that honestly didn’t turn out great. Neither one of us liked it but we both ate it the first night. The next night, it seemed grosser but I forced myself to eat it. The third night, I told my wife I just couldn’t do it. She ate it. This happened again the fourth night. The fifth night, there was still three to four servings leftover and my wife got upset with me for not helping her eat it.”

The two began to fight about their approach to eating.

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“We argued and I told my wife that I don’t judge her approach to food waste, so she shouldn’t judge mine,” he said. “We ended up apologizing to each other and things seem ok, but my wife is still being distant a few days later. She says we clearly have different values and this goes beyond just food. I am really worried about our relationship. I know there are a lot of things going on — but I feel like I’m going crazy with the food issue.”

Reddit users chimed in with their opinions.

“You’re not the type of person who will eat something disgusting five days in a row, recognize that she is and that matters to you,” someone wrote.

“You need to talk to your wife more,” another said.

“I feel sorry for the wife, she cooked a meal didn’t test it beforehand and then left her wife to eat the meal,” a person commented.

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