Man calls police over cold McDonald's order

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We’ve all been there – waited until we were absolutely starving, put in a last-minute Uber Eats order and desperately tracked it until it’s landed in our hangry little hands.

But for one man who finally received his McDonald’s order, opening up that brown paper bag of greasy deliciousness only to discover was stone-cold was enough to tip him over the edge.

A Canadian man called police after being outraged at the state of his cold burger and fries when it was delivered. Photo: Getty

The outraged Canadian man showed up at the Hamilton, Ontario fast-food chain and called emergency services, dialing 911 to report the crime against his fast food.

Twitter user Sean Jason Webb happened to be there when the police fronted up to investigate, with the cops looking less than impressed at being called out.

It’s reported the police had to remind the ‘extremely upset’ customer – who began arguing with restaurant employees – that cold food wasn’t enough to justify calling the police.

While it’s not clear whether McDonald’s or Uber Eats were to blame for the cold, soggy fries being served up, emergency services spokesperson Jackie Penman claims calls like this aren’t out of the ordinary and there is absolutely no need for people to use the service like this.

“Calling 911 with nuisance calls ties up our lines and makes it difficult for people with serious emergencies to get through to dispatchers,” Jackie told CBC News.

“The system is meant for life and death emergencies.”

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