Man avoids paying for parking by stealing someone else's ticket at the gate

Leah Cohen

Parking ticket prices can be ludicrous, but we all have a conscience and end up paying the ridiculous fee anyway.

Sure, we leave the carpark with a grudge and talk our friends’ ears off about how expensive parking is these days, but all we do is repeat the exact same routine the next week.

This guy gets away with paying his parking ticket in the cheekiest way! Photo: Storyful

While we’ve all thought about ways we could get out of paying our parking tickets, this guy actually went there.

Prankster Jamie Zhu avoided paying for parking in the sneakiest way possible!

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The funny video above shows the moment the popular YouTuber rocks up to the boom gate in his silver Toyota Yaris and curses the metre for asking him to pay $2.

The next moment, you see Zhu get out of his car, slip on a fluro yellow jacket and pretend to be a carpark worker.

Zhu pretends to be an employee and asks the driver for his ticket. Photo: Storyful

As the next car comes up to the boom gate, Zhu confidently ushers the driver over and asks him if he’d like him to insert his ticket into the machine for him.

What happens next is seriously ballsy and pretty hilarious.

The driver hands his ticket over and Zhu runs away. Photo: Storyful

The guy willing hands over his ticket and you can all guess what Zhu does with it next… he steals it!

Apparently the prank was a success, as he went back soon after and returned the ticket to the amused driver.

Watch the video above for some epic end of the week laughs.

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