Man's 'creepy' request after first date goes viral

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A man's very strange request after a first date rang warning bells for Eric. Photo: Getty Images

A text exchange between a pair of would-be lovers has gone viral after one of the men made a very unusual, and ‘creepy’ request.

Twitter user Eric D took to the social media platform with a highly flammable text exchange between a potential date and himself that predictably caught fire as soon as he hit publish.

“*Goes on first date, scared he’ll ghost but instead gets this text*,” he captioned a screenshot of the message.

In it, the unidentified man asks if Eric can do him a ‘favour’, to which he is happy to oblige.

That is, until he hears what ungodly thing this man would have him do.

“Turn on read receipts,” the man responds.

For the unaware, ‘read receipts’ let the recipient of your messages know if and when you have seen their messages, which could spell social disaster.

Viral reaction

The tweet blew up, attracting over 20k likes, and thousands of comments.

For most this was the biggest, reddest dating flag they had seen in a long time.

“Run that's a red flag,” one wrote.

“That is some controlling cray-cray,” another agreed.

“You thought you were in a ghost story and instead it was true crime,” one warned.

Others advised him to block his number instead of allowing read receipts to be sent to it.

“Yeah, instead, go to Contacts > His name > scroll down > tap "Block this Caller.",” one helpful person advised.

Most people had just one word - run.

“RUN as far and fast as possible...” one man advised.

On a more serious note, most argued this was a serious sign of a controlling person, and that a relationship should be avoided at all costs.

“Tbh it reeks of control issues / neediness combo that literally NO ONE is hot enough to warrant a pass for,” one person advised.

Eric confirmed the two did not end on good terms saying it was ‘neither a romance nor a rom com’, but that seemed quite obvious from the get-go.

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