Man's bizarre bathtub confession divides everyone

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A man has caused uproar online, after revealing that he bathes in the same bath water as his wife. 

Taking to Mumsnet, the man asked others if it’s normal to share bath water with your other half and the question divided everyone.

A man has asked for people's advice after revealing his wife likes to bathe in the same bath water as him. Photo: Getty Images

“By this I mean wife has a bath, she gets out then I get in her water and have a bath.  Not have a bath together to clarify,” he wrote. 

“My wife thinks it’s normal but I don’t. I only shower as I don’t like baths so maybe why but looking for what others have to say.

“I don’t even swim in swimming pools or go in hot tubs - but I love the sea or open water.”

The responses came in thick and fast from people who had a lot to say on the topic.

“We do the whole family in fact. I usually run a hot bath first kids jump in one after the other, then me and hubs after. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion something my family has always done down the generations and my husband's family was the same,” one person said. 

People were very divided on the topic online. Photo: Getty Images

“We do. I have a scalding hot bath if I haven’t shaved my partner will get in after me as he’s absolutely filthy from work so for him it’s quicker less time getting his dirty hands on my walls etc. Then he has time to relax. Normally I can't get straight in as it’s so hot for him. I like to boil myself for a bit or I’ll add cold and give the kids a bath instead,” another person said. 

“Yeah we do, our water is heated by electricity and takes a lot of time and money to heat up again to run a fresh bath. If I thought he was that icky that I didn't want to bath with him then I certainly wouldn't want to be having sex with him,” a commenter said. 

However, others didn’t agree, with one person saying: “Yuk! Sharing bath water. A no-no for me.”

“Nope no thank you if I have a bath it’s to relax not to get clean you can’t get completely clean lying in your own filthy water, you certainly can’t when it’s got someone else’s dirt in it already! We’re not on water rations,” another said. 

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