Man who accidentally recorded NYC Marathon marriage proposal uses TikTok to find couple

Man who accidentally recorded NYC Marathon marriage proposal uses TikTok to find couple

A man who accidentally recorded a marriage proposal at the NYC Marathon has enlisted TikTok to help him find the happy couple.

On Sunday 5 November, TikTok user Alex Herz and his girlfriend were recording the 2023 NYC Marathon on their computer in the hopes of capturing their friend cross the finish line. However, it was then that they spotted a man get down on one knee to propose to another marathon runner.

In footage later posted to TikTok, a man in a grey T-shirt can be seen getting down on one knee, while a woman wearing a pink sweater seemingly accepts the proposal. The pair then kiss and walk off-camera. In the TikTok, Hertz wrote over the video: “I was screen recording the New York Marathon to see my friend finish and caught this couple getting engaged.”

The clip has since received more than 14,000 views, as he captioned the post: “TikTok do your thing!”

In the comments, some viewers shared that they had seen the couple while running the marathon. “I ran behind them for the last two miles!! They were such a cute couple!!”

“These are my friends!!!” another person wrote. “Feel free to DM me, I would love to pass this along to them if you haven’t already.”

Two days after posting the footage, Herz revealed in a follow-up video that he was able to get in touch with the couple. He shared with viewers the message he received from the woman who had gotten engaged. “Hi! Super random - I am the girl in the video that got engaged in your TikTok!!” she wrote in the message. “We would love the video if you have it.”

She continued: “Thank you so much for capturing and posting!!! It means the world to me.”

In an interview with People, Herz revealed that after he connected with the soon-to-be bride, he was able to send her footage of the proposal. In a screenshot of their email correspondence, Herz wrote: “So glad you were able to find the video on TikTok! Sending along the copy we recorded.”

“A tremendous congratulations to you and your fiancé,” he continued in the email. “Both on the marathon and on your future together! I wish you lots of health and happiness.”

He told People: “It was such a sweet moment, and glad we were able to reach her with it.”

This isn’t the first time an NYC Marathon proposal has gone viral. Back in 2018, a man hopped over the barrier to propose to his longtime girlfriend, who was on her 16th mile when he popped the question. According to CBS, she ended the day with not only a medal around her neck but with a ring on her finger, too.