Mamma Mia! Daughter surprises mom with a dance at her wedding

daughter surprises mom with a dance at her wedding- mom and daughter dance tiktok
jessica.healy_/ TikTok

Most traditional weddings focus more on the father of the bride, and not so much the mother of the bride. There was even a whole movie about being the father of the bride for goodness sake. While the movie “Father of the Bride” is amazing and a must-see Steve Martin flick, this bride decided to go untraditional with her wedding day, and surprised her mom by dancing with her to a song from her favorite movie.

Fittingly, the bride’s favorite movie is Mamma Mia, and she chose a song from the film to dance with her mother—and all the other guests to dance with their mothers, too. The song was “Slipping Through My Fingers,” and it chronicles the stages of motherhood with a daughter as she grows into a young woman.

Microphone in hand, Jessica Healy said in the video that there would be no bouquet toss at her wedding, but she wanted to do something different in its place. She added there are so many special moments with the bride’s father—he gets to walk her down the aisle, and have a father/daughter dance—but there’s nothing for the moms of the bride.

“So instead of dedicating my bouquet to my mom, I’d like to dedicate a first dance to my mom,” Healy said tearfully. “Mamma Mia is my favorite movie, and ever since I was a little girl, there’s the scene where they’re getting ready for their wedding, and I just always pictured dancing with my mom to that song at my wedding.”

Healy continued, “I know so many of you are here with your moms today, and so many of you have been like a second mom to me, so if you’re here with your mom today, then please do me the honor of joining my mom and me on the dance floor.”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, from anyone, and as Healy’s mom walked over to her and they embraced for their first dance, guests flooded the dance floor with their moms for this touching moment.

While there wasn’t a dry eye in the house at the wedding, there also wasn’t a dry eye in the comments for this video. Everyone commented they were sobbing, and that they now know they’ll be doing this for their moms when they get married. And even the folks saying they were currently single have bookmarked this idea.

So let’s hear it for the moms of the bride, too. It looks like this Healy has hopefully started a more modern trend where everyone in the family gets to be recognized and celebrated on this day of love.