Are you making these common CV mistakes?

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Whether you’ve spent hours perfecting your resume or even paid someone to professionally fix it up, there is no worse feeling than not getting a call for a job.

A recruiter will spend an average of five to seven seconds looking at your CV so it’s important to get it right from the start.

Here Ashleigh McKeown, who has released a book called ‘S**t you’re an adult now – what I didn’t learn at school but wish I had’, details some of the common mistakes people make on their CVs, which could be costing them that all important interview.

“A CV is like the movie trailer of you. So rule number one is don’t clog it up with irrelevant information,” Ashleigh tells Be.

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She says it’s crucial to make it as easy as possible for a recruiter to read and find information by using bolding and bullet points to highlight your achievements.

“If you include a cover letter, make sure it’s to the point,” she says. “That it outlines the key qualities the employer is looking for. These will literally be used in their own advertisement or website, so you can simply use their own phrases and adjust them to suite what you want to portray.”

Ashleigh also says never to exaggerate.

“Be precise about timings and figures to keep it relevant and so it doesn’t seem like you’re exaggerating,” she tells us.

“Be honest, often in an interview process an person might ask about a specific thing you have outlined in your CV. Expect it so you can explain it in more detail for them.”

The length is also important to take into account. Two to three pages is more than enough information for them to decide if you’re suitable for a position.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Whether or not to put a photo of yourself on your CV is another common sticking point. This will most likely largely depend on the kind of industry you are applying for – is it something creative or a more corporate environment?

Ashleigh is all for adding an image. “The interviewer will feel a bigger connection to what they are reading because they know who they will be expecting to walk through the door,” she says.

However, according to Undercover Recruiter, there is an 88 per cent job rejection rate if you include a photo of yourself, although this is not industry specific.

Ashleigh also says to include two references and always, always double check your spelling and grammar, because one mistake will see your CV thrown into the bin.

“Don’t forget.”

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